Especially for the Organic grower with taste, there is now the new Bio-Bloombastic (NPK 0-9-12)

This amazing product fits in the line of the ATA Organics but with the same effect as your trusted Bloombastic.

Bio-Bloombastic is an enrichment for the serious, enthusiastic, organic grower who seeks a high return.


1. Bio-Bloombastic never been in display on the market, but now new from Atami B.V.

2. Bio-Bloombastic is highly concentrated (1-2ml : 1L).

3. Suitable for the last 4 to 6 weeks of the flowering stage. With 500ml Bio-Bloombastic you create up to 500 litres of nutrient water.

4. Can be used with all other basic nutrients.

5. Only suitable for manual watering.

6. Suitable for Soil (pot) and Coco’s (crushed and welled).

7. Easy to use.

8. Directly soluble.

9. Protected from stress and strengthens the immune system.


ORGANIC with a DYNAMIC twist


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